Areas Of Law

Insurance Defense

A complex area of litigation, defending insurance companies and their insureds requires a skilled hand to determine liability, establish potential damages, and navigate policies to protect the rights and assets of the client. With decades of experience in this area, the attorneys at Connick and Connick are trained in defending individuals, companies and insurers against all types of suits, including commercial general liability, automotive liability, construction defect liability, and more. Experts in handling cases of all kinds, from the individual lawsuit to complex mass tort defense, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients receive the strongest defense possible.

Worker’s Compensation Defense

Regrettably, injuries in the workplace do happen, and by law, employers are required to pay certain benefits to employees injured in the course and scope of their employment. Ascertaining whether benefits are owed is a challenging task, and in defending our corporate clients, Connick and Connick works to ensure that injured parties are paid the benefits they are actually owed—not necessarily what they claim they are owed. Handling all aspects of worker’s compensation defense, Connick and Connick attorneys ensure total compliance with the law.

Medical Malpractice

In handling medical malpractice matters, Connick and Connick represents both state qualified and private doctors, hospitals, nurses, and other healthcare providers. With more than just monetary damages at stake, Connick and Connick works to secure the public trust and reputation of its clients. We have handled countless malpractice complaints through the medical review panel stage, and in cases where a lawsuit is filed, we have successfully defended cases through trial.

Representation of Governmental Entities

Under the law, our cities and parishes have rights and responsibilities just as much as their individual citizens do. As a result, governmental entities can be held liable for accidents, hazards, or other incidents, whether from issues with infrastructure, roadways, or utilities. With years of experience, Connick and Connick is proud to defend the State of Louisiana, its municipalities, parishes, and political subdivisions in all matters requiring legal attention. We are also proud to represent individuals working within or on behalf of governmental entities on any needs that may arise.

Employment Law

An extensive area of law that includes a variety of cases—such as retaliation, discrimination, harassment, termination, Title VII, and EEOC cases—employment law (also called labor law) is a complex, ever-evolving field. At Connick and Connick, our attorneys are proficient in handling all these kinds of cases, defending employers from lawsuits that can unfairly tarnish their public reputation or threaten their operations. Our attorneys will work to set the record straight and ensure that the highest standard of justice is served.

Other Areas Of Law

The expertise of our attorneys extends well beyond the above list. Other areas in which we practice include: personal injury, construction law, environmental law, collections, business litigation, and product liability. If you are seeking representation in any of these areas, we encourage you to get in touch today using our contact page, and we will be glad to learn more about your case.

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